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Use iTunes, sync to everything. iPod is not the only device you use. You have cell phones
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5 May 2010

Editor's review

You would like to mange your media files in a proper way, in your audio/video playing device. River Past ShadowTunes 1.0 software can prove to be a right choice for the purpose. It would let you manage the files easily and also dose the most of the work automatically.

River Past ShadowTunes 1.0 software has easier options that you won’t find any difficulty in operating it. So, just get the software downloaded and installed with ease, and start working with it. The appearance is simpler and with few options on the upper side of the screen. After launching the program first you need to make the selections for the initial settings shown on the Shadow Tunes options box. When you’re done with all the settings then the device is located and the list of the media files is shown on the middle screen. The software gets the list from the iTunes and shows them in the random list. You need to make the selection for the playlist that you want to sync to your selected device. When you connect the device then you need to click the option for locating the device. When you’re done with the selection then just simply you need to click the sync button on the toolbar. The files get copied to the device and the process and the progress is shown with a separate dialog box. The best acting feature is that it automatically converts the file to the supported format of device. The devices that are supported by the program are Archos, Blackberry, Sansa and Walkman. The help file of the software is equipped with all the information of the program that would help the user to operate it with ease.

The ratings given for the performance and handling of River Past ShadowTunes 1.0 software is 4 out of 5 points. Of course it is the sharpest performer. So, it is time you get the software and start enjoying music videos.

Publisher's description

Do you have an iPod? Do you use iTunes?
You are not alone. Over 100 million iPod users use iTunes to manage their video and audio media files. It is a good media manager.
However, iPod is not the only device you use. You have cell phones, and probably not iPhones, and most of the newer cell phones can play video and audio. You may have some other portable players, like Archos or Sansa.
So, you have a problem managing your media library. Yes, you can get all of them into iTunes with some good conversion software, and for that purpose, we would like to recommend our Crazi Video. However, you probably don't want to maintain multiple media libraries, each for a different cell phone or portable player model.
This is why we made ShadowTunes. Use iTunes, sync to everything.
You select which iTunes playlist you want to sync, and click the "Sync" button. All we require is that you have the device connected to the PC as an USB storage device. We copy the files if the file format is compatible, or convert it if necessary. We place the files in their correct location. Everything is done automatically.
Right now, it supports Blackberry Pearl 8100 series, 8300 series, 8800 series, Sony Ericsson Walkman W200, W300, W550, W580, W600, W610, W660, W800, W810, W830, W850, W880, W900, W910, W950, W960, Sandisk Sansa E250, E260, E280 and Sansa View, and Archos players.
Additional devices will be added as free minor upgrades.
Note, we don't sync DRM protected audio and video files - the ones you purchased on iTunes.
No adware or spyware. Compatible with Windows Vista.
River Past ShadowTunes
River Past ShadowTunes
Version 1.8
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The other review reads like it was writting by someone at Riverpast. I`m considering buying this program but I have questions about it and nobody at Riverpast ever responds to email and nobody answers the phone during business hours. Does anybody know if these people are even still in business? I`m reluctant to pay for something from a company that can`t be available to answer a simple question.
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